Saturday, January 25, 2014

Project # 2 DONE

So many projects, So little time! Today I finished my "H", I am so glad to finally stop starring at the letter for weeks now... I have loved these huge letters found at your local JoAnns for years.. I have made tons of them for my personal use as well as for clients spaces.. They are very lightweight and super easy to fancy up! Mine I choose to use for the sad front door. After Christmas my wreath came down and I wanted something new since my feather wreath that usually hangs looked to sad to return to the hook. All I did was coat with some paint, add some scrap ribbon around the center and glue down long ribbon and burlap to tie a great bow for hanging.. I love it;) 
All supplies were found at my local JoAnns craft store..
Thanks for stopping by ~ Jaime

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