Sunday, March 8, 2015

Just because...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Commercial Space just happened!

I have been so fortunate this year with all the Amazing Clients!! During the chaos of the holidays and all the decorating, I was given the opportunity to work on a commercial space with a very blank slate. I was excited to take this project on and especially thrilled to do a feature wall that I have been wanting to try for awhile!! ITG is a technology company that wanted something fun, fresh, and a little industrial. I worked with fantastic subs and very happy with the outcome.. Again I want to Thank all my Amazing Clients and the generous refferrals I am given.. I am truly blessed to do what I love;)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A new client and a new day!!

I love that I am so fortunate to have amazing clients who keep passing the wonderful word around of my design business.. I have the great opportunity to yet again work with a fantastic upbeat and colorful scheme.. Clients that give me full reign to create amazing spaces that they call home are so much fun.. Here is a sneak peak if what I am working on next!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Project # 2 DONE

So many projects, So little time! Today I finished my "H", I am so glad to finally stop starring at the letter for weeks now... I have loved these huge letters found at your local JoAnns for years.. I have made tons of them for my personal use as well as for clients spaces.. They are very lightweight and super easy to fancy up! Mine I choose to use for the sad front door. After Christmas my wreath came down and I wanted something new since my feather wreath that usually hangs looked to sad to return to the hook. All I did was coat with some paint, add some scrap ribbon around the center and glue down long ribbon and burlap to tie a great bow for hanging.. I love it;) 
All supplies were found at my local JoAnns craft store..
Thanks for stopping by ~ Jaime

Monday, January 13, 2014

Found some inspirations..

Love this palette of color inspirations I found today while meandering our local fabric store.. I Love the patterns and the colors are totally me;) What is your favorite color palette? Do you need help deciding due to the overwhelming amount of textiles out there? I love to do shopping trips for my clients and pick out that perfect aray for your home.. Let me know if I can help design your space at:
Thanks for stopping by~ Jaime

Monday it is!!

Monday it is already, and our weekends go way to fast - Atleast that is how I feel about mine.. But on to business... I am a huge fan of so many things but most if all black, white, aqua, navy, and linen shades if colors. With that said it can be hard at times how to make a black leather sofa not look totally modern but yet, warm & cozy with a hint of yummy;) my pic shows how you can mix texture, tone and style to create a clean and inviting space that works perfectly for my family.. Although I will admit I have my eye on a specific sofa with a very specific color palette in our next home, I have loved my soft leather couch for all the love it's given us!! 
I love to mix & match and think this fit perfectly without going overboard... Just a side note: The fantastic roller shades you see in my windows with the oh so retro scallop edge was NOT my design choice but yet was so gratefully hung by my landlord.. Needless to say I WILL NOT miss those fabulous shades one bit.. Ahh the joys of rentals Right;)
Thanks for stopping by~ Jaime 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Room #2

Pink is where it's at ... Well dabble red & teal and you have this cute little 6 year olds room too.. Lots of personalization a with photo wall , and her collection if American girl dolls made her space all her own.. I dressed both rooms with simple easy projects that anyone can do to make it more personalized and unique.. My favorite is the the fabric swags over both beds :) mom LOVED THOSE!! Thank you so much for being a wonderful client over the past year Angie and for having me make your house a home!

Savannah Paige Designs 2 rooms

My client wanted to give her daughters new rooms for Christmas so that I did!! I had blank slated to start with and finished with huge smiles;)
My first room was for her 10 year old who loves teal( who doesn't ).. I chose the perfect wall color, and with her request we added yellow and grey to the scheme.. So cute

Craft project if the day

Really easy and quick.. Just pick your choice of canvas size, measure your stripe widths out with painters tape, pick your paint color and GO!! The paint dries very quick as you do not need much. I got some glitter paint and free handed a heart- let it dry for about an hour just to be safe;) I then got my cute wood saying of LOVE and painted it up with a contrasting color of choice, glued it nice and crooked with E6000 and Whalah... Cute artwork!!

My how time changes everything.

My life has gone thru major changes this past 2 years, which may I say has been AMAZING.. My life has been blessed in so many ways.. My blog on the other hand has taken a VERY BIG BACK SEAT... 
Myself and children have been so lucky to have the most amazing man join our life. Kevin and I have been together for about 2 years now and as I am sure you are wondering- we met at the GYM... Of all places- but atleast I can say he loves me no matter how I look ( since when at gym i am not at my finest). We have also been blessed to have his son Kyle to add to our family.. Kyle just left in December on his LDS mission, as we are so proud but miss him dearly.. So many changes so little time to share, we have been to baseball games, vacations to Mexico, California, Vegas, St. George. I cannot express the love i have for this man and how he totally completes my soul. I never would have thought a few years back that this would actually be my life- What a Ah Ha moment and grateful for my strength to get me thru so many ups and downs. Kevin is my strength, my love, my best friend, and my everything. With this wonderful man I have been blessed to have a wonderful extended family as well, so many brothers and sisters to love and enjoy and his parents are beyond kind. I won't gable to much more but as 2014 has begun i am so thrilled to hopefully get back on track with blogging, creating, crafting, and making glorious memories with my entire family.. Thanks for being patient and kind and look forward to new posts coming to your computer.. eek SO EXCITED to share all that i have planned:)
Happy Saturday ~Jaime

Thursday, March 1, 2012

oops!! I forgot to mention that you can visit  for awesome finds and fabulous prices for all ages... I know we wear Naartjie for many reasons :)

Baby Girl does it Again!!

As you can imagine my Excitement when I checked the mail today... Skyler's Catalogs came with all her photo shots from the Nartjie shoot were there!!!! So me being the oh so proud momma of my beauty, will not waste one second posting some of my favorites from the catalogs...eek so GiTtY right NOW!!!

Something I need, want and love:)

As much as it depresses me to say.. I will be approaching 36 this month.. boo hoo hoo! I do have to admit it is fun to think of something fun that i totally would like to have for my birthday ( me purchase myself ).. So along with my favorite aqua (teal) navy colors that I OH SO LOVE... I am a Girl who LoVeS PINK!! So i thought i would post a few of my PINK favorites that i cannot decide on this lovely time of year...

So happy Shopping for myself.. Oh and I cannot forget the Ipod Nano in pink too since my old one is not so happy anymore....
All the above items were found at

Monday, February 27, 2012

I LOVE Navy... DO you?

In my favorite past time of Pinterest hunting... I have found my love of Navy coming to life again. I have always wanted to decorate a room in Navy and White but my rooms always are connected to each other with the open floor plan. With this said - I had my sons nursery in Navy and White when he was little but since then it has been obsolete since... I need to rejuvenate some rooms in my home to make it more fresh and I have decided my BASEMENT is the perfect place to Start... The following are a few of my inspiration photos that I love and want to reflect on for the process... I must say, I will be throwing my favorite color Aqua in for a splash of color too, I mean how can I not:) Thanks for stopping by...

And of course when I am done with the project- I will love to  throw this on and take a vacation:)

Monday, January 9, 2012

A favorite found on Pinterest!

I am so in love with this site.. I have been on it for a year now and have got several friends addicted too.. I love to search amazing spots to incorporate not only for personal but for business too... So here is a pic that I love and hopefully one of these days if your not an addict you will be.. shhh it's actually a healthy obsession:)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Post not working..

Okay, I am getting so frustrated... I can usually navigate pretty well but I am stumped... I have created a cute video of our holiday vacation and for some reason the darn thing won't POST..ugh! Why does my Super Smart Helper (aka- My Son ) have to be asleep right now.. well hopefully soon I can post it:)
Thanks for Stopping by...

Me and Sky- Doing our ThAnG...

Christmas time

So like most years the kiddos and I load in the car and drive to California for Christmas... Each year for Christmas Eve we go out to a fun restraunt end EnJoY:) We then go home and let the kiddos open up their pj's and then off to bed to rest up for Christmas Morning!! We usually are there for a week or so and find fun things to do - which we did! I also dusted off my camera and took pics of all three kiddos - I think my kiddos had a great Holiday.. We are Now home and ready to face the New Year!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

I Love Help:)

I love my Lil' Girl- Skyler loves to help me do anything and Everything... She is my lil sidekick in training...

Happy Holidays!!

Some fun Holiday Pics of Tree & Banister decor

My Tree is dressed in White, Silver & Black... Very classy and elegant

My banister has beautiful Dupioni Silk plaid ribbon with real garland and crystals..
My color scheme this year was Black, Silver, White. I love this pallete and I think it speaks volumes on what I LoVe:) Thanks for stopping by..Jaime

Seriously could you just get any more kiddy over this picture..


Just a sneak peek of my 2 favorite people in the whole wide world... Well besides my amazing parents of course...Happy Holidays!