Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday it is!!

Monday it is already, and our weekends go way to fast - Atleast that is how I feel about mine.. But on to business... I am a huge fan of so many things but most if all black, white, aqua, navy, and linen shades if colors. With that said it can be hard at times how to make a black leather sofa not look totally modern but yet, warm & cozy with a hint of yummy;) my pic shows how you can mix texture, tone and style to create a clean and inviting space that works perfectly for my family.. Although I will admit I have my eye on a specific sofa with a very specific color palette in our next home, I have loved my soft leather couch for all the love it's given us!! 
I love to mix & match and think this fit perfectly without going overboard... Just a side note: The fantastic roller shades you see in my windows with the oh so retro scallop edge was NOT my design choice but yet was so gratefully hung by my landlord.. Needless to say I WILL NOT miss those fabulous shades one bit.. Ahh the joys of rentals Right;)
Thanks for stopping by~ Jaime 

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