Monday, February 27, 2012

I LOVE Navy... DO you?

In my favorite past time of Pinterest hunting... I have found my love of Navy coming to life again. I have always wanted to decorate a room in Navy and White but my rooms always are connected to each other with the open floor plan. With this said - I had my sons nursery in Navy and White when he was little but since then it has been obsolete since... I need to rejuvenate some rooms in my home to make it more fresh and I have decided my BASEMENT is the perfect place to Start... The following are a few of my inspiration photos that I love and want to reflect on for the process... I must say, I will be throwing my favorite color Aqua in for a splash of color too, I mean how can I not:) Thanks for stopping by...

And of course when I am done with the project- I will love to  throw this on and take a vacation:)

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